Social media trends 20 October 2017


What are ‘trends’?

Put simply, ‘trends’ are what is most talked about on social media. Twitter has daily trending tags and news items that people around the world have talked about. They are often featured on the left hand side of Twitter’s home page. A user can customise their trends and see what is trending in certain cities, whether New York, Melbourne, Sydney, etc.

Here are a few trends around today:


Some trends today

Image: Canva


People are concerned about the future of TAFE in Australia and there are calls for urgent reform


ADATS is the Australian Diabetes Advancements and Technologies Summit. There are calls for health professionals to spend more time and take care of diabetes sufferers. Currently, they only spend 0.02% of their time with diabetes patients. Advocates say that is nowhere near enough.


News of an Australian teacher shot dead while in Nairobi, Kenya, Also, there is stories about Kenya’s most recent election


Qantas first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner VNH-ZNA makes a landing in Sydney from Seattle, Washington.


Debate continues on the legalisation of euthanasia in the Victorian parliament.


Holden factory in Adelaide, South Australia, has closed. This brings and end to car manufacturing in Australia.


Studio Ten’s David Robinson joined others in the AMPBigZipper challenge, abseiling off some of Sydney’s tallest buildings for charity. AMP ensure children from lower socio – economic backgrounds have access to education.

Facebook logo
Image: Canva


Trending stories on Facebook

George W. Bush

Former U.S. President, George W. Bush has attacked current President Donald Trump and expresses worry about the rise in Nationalism and the demonising of other people. He acknowledged how the young are becoming disenfranchised in the political discourse.

Jacinda Ardem

Jacinda Ardem becomes New Zealand’s next Prime Minister. She is also the youngest at thirty – seven.

University of Florida

White nationalist, Richard Spencer is set to speak at the University of Flordia, Gainesville Thursday Florida time (today). There is a heavy security presence, including state troopers.


On a slightly lighter note, keen star gazers will have the opportunity to see a shooting star. According to msn, the Orionids meteor happens once a year when the Earth goes through the debris of a Halley’s comet.


Welcome to Social Media Butterfly Blog

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook logos
Whether we like it or not, social media is a part of most of our daily lives. (Images from Canva









Welcome to Social Media Butterfly Blog!

Like many Milennials, I’m a social media buff! In the past ten or so years, I’ve been a social media regular. My first social media account was on Facebook.

Social media has also become a crucial marketing tool for businesses. Increasingly, small town businesses use social media to advertise specials, menus, community events, etc.

Facebook business Page of Doodle Cooma Arms Hotel, Henty, NSW
Small businesses, including hotels in small towns are. increasingly using social media to promote their business. (Screenshot taken by me).
Vintage Coffee Shoppe Facebook business page
Coffee shop in small town also turning to social media (Screenshot taken by me)


Social media has become a great tool for writers as well. Personally, I’ve contacted media personalities who now know about my blogging. It’s also a good platform (as is Facebook), to display posts. Then you just pray that you get some interaction, (that’s not always easy).

A number of bloggers and media personalities have Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and more that advertise their writing. It gives readers, both regular and new, a chance to interact, to comment and offer an opinion on the topic at hand. Many writers, such as Mamamia’s Mia Freedman has a personal brand page on Facebook as well as her blog, Mamamia page. Herald Sun’s Rita Panahi also has a personal brand page, in which she displays her blog posts and articles. She has an awesome Instagram, too!


Pinterest is also a lot of fun. You can share content from other people (i.e. “pin” on your virtual ‘board’). It’s a great feeling when someone pins one of your blog posts or other items. (Someone repinned TWO blog posts from my Cherrybomb Media blog board recently). The amount of articles and blog posts with different tips about everything is phenomenal!

Twitter is a popular platform for writers and the general public. It can be a good way for people to be able to “follow” or even interact with their heroes. According to Friend or follow, pop star, Katy Perry currently has the largest Twitter following of over 104 million.


I get why people are suspicious about social media. Obviously, care needs to be taken for personal safety, mental health, etc. However, I don’t see it as all bad. More than ever, people can keep in contact. People can advertise businesses/ writing cheaply. And it’s fun!

What social media platforms do you use? What are your favourites? Feel free to share your thoughts below.